Jan Schildermans has the looks of a viking and a heart for bikes (velo’s), durability, functionality, simplicity and the cycling culture of Copenhagen. Based on all these ingredients, I designed the corporate style of his cycle shop and workshop in Hasselt (Belgium). A friendly looking logo made up of the beautiful rounded letters of the word 'velo' with red as its main color, a reference to his beloved Denmark.
Logo & brand identity design
Jaar: 2017
Inspiratie: Viking Jan & de fietscultuur van Denemarken
Inspiration: Viking Jan & the cycling culture of Denmark
Logo opbouw
Logo build-up
Logo build-up
Velo Viking logo variations
Huisstijl elementen
Brand collateral
Velo Viking business cards
Velo Viking stickers
Velo Viking brand identity
Aluminum plaque for Velo Viking Ambassadors
Velo Viking stamp
Velo Viking t-shirt
Velo Viking website masthead

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