Mijn rol: ontwerp campagnebeeld, communicatie & mede-organisatie
Jaar: 2016-2018
– EN – 
DoRemy is an initiative of several neighbors from the Belgian village of Wijgmaal (including myself) who wants to give a musical stage to Wijgmaal's musical talent. By having the concerts take place in local living rooms, we want to connect as many neighbors as possible. For DoRemy I designed the campaign image, the posters, flyers and website. In addition, I helped with communication via social media and the practical organization of the festival. Central to the campaign image is the tower of the former Remy factories, an important link with the past of Wijgmaal. DoRemy took place in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and around 32 groups, from opera to hip-hop, performed in 21 local living rooms. In 2018, DoRemy was nominated for the Matexi Award and we narrowly came second for the prize for most connecting private neighborhood initiative.

My role: campaign image design, communication & practical organization
Years: 2016-2018

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