Playing with type on Adobe Live
In my spare time, I design characters using only letters or parts of letters. Just for fun. I find it to be a great way to really get to know a typeface and learn about all it's intricate details. As a guest on the Adobe Live stream from Paris (May 2017) I decided to design a new character and pay homage to a great French typeface called Peignot

Peignot is a typeface designed by A.M. Cassandre, a French commercial poster artist and typeface designer, in 1937. It is regarded as a symbol for France and all things French. I have been a fan of Cassandre's poster designs for years and the character he designed for Dubonnet was in the back of my mind when I started playing around with letters to create a character.
Another French classic is the macaron, sweet meringue-based confection. I decided to create a character, only using pieces of the typeface Peignot, for a fictitious macaron brand called Baron Macaron. The color palette is derived from the beautiful, soft colors of macarons. 
Building Baron Macaron
To build the Baron Macaron character I only used letters or part of letters from Peignot, a typeface designed by the French designer & typographer A.M. Cassandre. See the animation below to see which characters I used to create the little baron character. 
Packaging & presentation
During the Adobe Live episode I also designed some packaging for the macarons. A luxurious looking cardboard tube with gold foil details that holds 7 macarons of the finest quality. See the replay of the live stream (below) to see exactly how I designed the packaging and what my thought process behind this design was. 
Adobe Live
The Baron Macaron character and packaging were created during the AdobeLive stream on, live from Paris on the 10th of May 2017. See the replay of the live stream (below) to see exactly how I designed the baron character and packaging.
Click the play button to see a replay of the Adobe Live stream, live from Paris on May 10th 2017

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